About us

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven”

-George Bernard Shaw

Hello! We are Justin and Kim, parents to our biggest blessing in life, B/G twins, Stormy Jay and Everly Primrose. They melt our hearts every day and are our constant reminder of what’s truly important in life. We currently reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, home to the best coffee around -thank heavens!

I’m a vintage and fashion loving gal who loves to design and create just about anything; an aspiring photographer, and we are both total “foodies”.  I have degree in culinary arts from the CCA and we currently stick to a mostly paleo diet due to some autoimmune issues I’ve recently been diagnosed with. My husband is a real estate loving guy and real life Macgyver (it’s as good as it sounds). We met in the 8th grade, became friends, and fell in love somewhere along the way. Here you will find tid bits of what we are up to lately. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Photo By: Whitney Summers Photography