I Love You

I Love you - Everly's Purple CastAbout a month ago Ev’s leg was broke while we were all playing on the bed (a regular Saturday morning occurrence), I did a little steamroller move and her leg got stuck under my side and bent backwards…yes, I know the look on your face right now because I’ve seen it on the many faces of strangers over the past few weeks after they hear the story. I started opting out of a few details to avoid that look but Ev’s, normally the quiet shy one, would always pipe up and say “my mom broke my leg, and it hurts really bad, she rolled on it”…which ended in an even worse judgmental look of horror. Yes, it was 100% an accident, yes, I feel HORRIBLE, and no, I won’t be doing my steamroller move any time soon or wrestling on the bed with my kids for a while. I beat myself up for weeks over this, telling myself what a horrible mother I must be, among other things, and had zero plans of taking any photos so we could hopefully all forget about this as soon as possible. However, some really great things wound up happening through all of this that I can’t quite put in to words. We grew as a family so much and I see a huge change in Ev’s, her attitude a bit older and more mature. She has started telling me every single day how much she loves me and that I’m “her best mommy”, it’s that child intuition, so quick to forgive even though she hasn’t been able to walk and play like she wants to. And if not document this for our family, than most definitely for her, to show her how strong and sweet hearted she was ♥

I Love you - Everly's Purple CastI Love you - Everly's Purple CastI Love you - Everly's Purple Cast^Resting up the day before getting her cast off, she has slept SO much during this whole experience, which is unusual for her, but I know she needs it!

I Love you - Everly's Purple CastI Love you - Everly's Purple Cast^Have to add a picture of brother, this has been hard on him with her getting all of this attention and extra care. He has been such a sweetheart, helping me out whenever I need him.

I Love you - Everly's Purple CastI Love you - Everly's Purple CastI Love you - Everly's Purple Cast^She had such a hard time after getting the cast off, we thought she’d be so happy and just twirling around everywhere! It was quite the opposite, she came down with a fever and didn’t get off the couch for several days. After she started feeling a bit better I thought it might be a good idea to cheer her up with some cookie baking, now one week later she is making progress and hobbling around a bit sort of peg legged style. With a bit more time she will be running around playing in no time, so thankful she is healing up well ♥