December Wrap Up

December Wrap Up

December Wrap UpAnd just like that December came and went and I’m sitting here scratching my head wondering how the heck we are already halfway through January? I’m feeling so behind on things…which is not unusual for me lately, but I think that’s pretty normal when you have two 3 year old’s. One of my resolutions this year is to get caught up on all my to do lists, Justin likes to remind me that you will never be all the way “caught up” because there will always be things to do, so maybe I need to focus more on being organized and doing things on schedule instead of “catching up”, either way I need to reduce stress in that area of my life. So this post may seem pretty late, and it kind of is, but in keeping in line with my resolution I’m going to spend the first part of the year posting aaaall the photos and posts I intended to do last year but never got done…starting with our month of December wrap up!

This year we got our tree earlier than usual and pulled out all our Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving (normally we are scrambling last-minute a week or two before Christmas), I felt so on top of things! We met up with friends and took the kids to see the Reindeer at Watson’s nursery the first day of December, which is something I’ve wanted to do for the past couple years! I think the kids ended up loving playing on the hay bundles more than seeing the reindeer, but it was so fun!

December Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpToddler love is the CUTEST!

December Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpShowing me her mint, she had never tried one before!

December Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpThat look and those hands in his pockets???!

December Wrap UpTheir friend Jaxson, I LOVE his excitement over the Santa chair!

December Wrap UpThis is as close as we got to Santa pictures this year, every weekend was so busy we decided we didn’t really need to fork over the $50 for those low quality prints of the kids crying this year. 😛

December Wrap UpOne of my favorite Christmas memories growing up was getting that cardboard advent calendar from the grocery store filled with chocolates, I dunno what was so exciting about eating one of those chocolates every day, but I loved it!…and they really didn’t even taste good! Ha! I wanted to start a new tradition with my own family based around this wonderful memory, so this year I made an advent calendar on our chalk wall with a string of lights and these cute craft bags I found at Hobby Lobby. I filled some of them with activities we got to do that day, some with small toys, and some with little treats. It was so fun watching the kids run to their bag and tear it open each day.

December Wrap UpThe day they found out they got to make Christmas cookies and hot cocoa!

December Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpThey love those little window stickers!!!

December Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpWe let Stormy and Everly have a go at the lights this year, I think they’ve just about got it 😉

December Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpBefore heading out for a Christmas get together with family.

December Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpDecember Wrap UpMy adorable little elves on their makeshift reindeer!

December Wrap UpEv’s trying out our raw pumpkin cheesecake from Unconventional Baker, it was SO GOOD.

December Wrap UpTrying so hard to reach for that last bag!

December Wrap UpThe night before Christmas, Stormy wanted some slippers but he doesn’t have any that fit so I let him borrow my socks, I couldn’t stop laughing at how cute he was walking around in those things! Needless to say, they are not my socks anymore!

December Wrap UpThis is the only good photo I got from Christmas, I was using my phone at first and it ran out of memory! 😥

December Wrap Up Stormy and Ev’s got pretty sick a few days before New Years so Stormy was too exhausted and didn’t make it until midnight…which totally worked out since I was only able to find one sparkler in the drawer! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers to 2017!

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The Great Tree Hunt 2016

The Great Tree Hunt 2016

The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016^A bit blurry but she was so cute with that umbrella I couldn’t resist posting it anyway (A lot of these pics are, it was pouring rain!)

The Great Tree Hunt 2016

The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016^She was so upset that I was on the other side of that tiny puddle, she didn’t want to cross on her own 🙁

The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016^Thumbs up for her first time going potty behind a tree! Ha!

The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016^”Hmm, which tree should we get?”

The Great Tree Hunt 2016^Completely determined to load up our tree and haul it herself!

The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016^Hiding from Mama

The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016The Great Tree Hunt 2016This year we decided to check out a tree farm we’ve never been to and it was so rainy and COLD. We were soaking wet and completely covered in mud!! I didn’t realize how cold it was going to be and how long it would take to get there, so by the time we arrived it was already getting dark and we were definitely not bundled nearly enough! Stormy and Everly were very serious about picking out the right tree, whenever we would ask “this one?”, one of them would always say no not THAT one! We were taking so long that it got too dark and we had to hike back and pick out one that was already cut because we couldn’t see them anymore (I know, totally lame), but we were just thankful to finally get one and get outta there so we could warm up! We got the kids their very first hot chocolate on the way home to celebrate, surprisingly Stormy didn’t like it but now Ev’s is hooked! I’m not sure how someone doesn’t like liquid chocolate, but Justin and I were happy to take over drinking it 😉 We woke up the next day to a gorgeous sunny day, ha! But we had so much fun and made memories that will last our lifetime, and that is definitely worth being a little cold and wet for a few hours. <3

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Christmas 2015 Wrap Up – Favorite Moments of December

Everly’s Sink Bathbaby sink bath photographyShe always gets so excited for this! She is getting pretty big for the sink, but she loves it so much, and it’s the easiest way to tame her crazy bed hair in the morning. Stormy, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with baths these days, guess that’s a boy thing.baby sink bath photography^”Noooooooooose, Mama”baby sink bath photography^My cue to wash her leg, haha

An Early Christmas Giftbackyard toddler photographyhappy toddler backyard photography^Complete childhood joy when they found this little slide I thrifted for $13 at Goodwill. We just couldn’t wait to let them enjoy this one, and it was totally worth it.backyard toddler photography

Matching Christmas Pajamasfamily matching christmas pajamas photos baby gap AEfamily matching christmas pajamas photos baby gap AEfamily matching christmas pajamas photos baby gap AE twin peaks^They love doing “super jumps” on pretty much anything they can, including me. I was surprised we got this photo where I wasn’t clenching my face and totally cracking up!

{Stormy + Everly: Pajamas- Baby Gap // Slippers- Baby Gap  Me: Pajama Bottoms- American Eagle // Sweater- American Eagle (sold out) // Slippers: Sears // Sheets- Target}

 New Oven=Giant Box to Play inh & m dress baby gap twins playing in giant boxh & m dress giant cardboard box photographyh & m dress baby gap twins playing in giant boxOur oven went out during the beginning of November and remained that way for several weeks. I had a pretty large list of holiday goodies I wanted to make and I was starting to get worried I wouldn’t be able to bake any of them. Luckily we found a super good black Friday deal and got an awesome new stove just in time! (insert fireworks here) We celebrated by playing in the larger than life box it came in, I was pretty excited that I fit in there too 😉

{Everly: Dress- h&m (sold out) // Stormy: Shirt- Baby Gap (old)}

Mom Thinks She’s Santagoofy christmas family photo shoot^Guess I didn’t fool them, she looks totally unamused, they were cracking me up!goofy christmas santa photogoofy christmas family photo shootgoofy christmas family photo shoot^Best shot I could get with these stashes on, this went so differently in my mindtwin toddlers christmas photo shoottwin toddlers christmas photo shootcomfy laid back outfit j crew stripe turtleneckFinished this day off by dressing normal…or not dressing at all in Everly’s case, and heading off to a big spaghetti dinner! I’d say that’s one pretty awesome day 🙂

{Props- Target // Stormy: Sweater- Ralph Lauren // Jeans- Baby Gap // Shoes- Target // Everly: Jacket- h&m // Skirt- Ralph Lauren // Me: Turtleneck- j. crew // Coat- Gap (thrifted) // Jeans- Calvin Klein // Shoes- Tiger Asics}

The Real Santatwin santa outfits j crew elephant dress buffalo plaid sweatertwin santa outfits j crew elephant dress buffalo plaid sweatertwin santa outfits j crew elephant dress buffalo plaid sweaterThey were a lot happier to go see Santa than to actually sit on his lap and see him in person, we are 3 for 3, Stormy screamed and cried and Everly stared off not knowing what to do. We have the exact same picture with Santa 3 years in a row, the only difference is they are bigger!

{Everly: Dress- Crewcuts // Jacket- h&m // Shoes- Zara // Hair Bows- A Dash of Sass // Stormy: Sweater- Ralph Lauren // Tie- Crewcuts // Pants- Target // Shoes- Target}

Christmas Daychristmas morning opening presentschristmas morning opening presentstoddler on a toy cell phone^My mom got her this phone for Christmas and she talked on it for days…until she realized she couldn’t play games, now she says “no, Mama’s phone”stormy with north pole communicator^Justin’s mom got them this North Pole advent radio communicator, it was super cute watching them get all excited to talk to the elves or Santa every morningstormy in vintage velvet toddler suit on christmastwins in matching vintage outfits on christmas^I found these vintage outfits hanging on a rack together at the thrift store back in October with a few other ones, all the same size in coordinating boy/girl looks…seriously, a thrifter’s dream, especially a thrifter with twins! I was pretty excited about them, it’s cool to think that maybe they belonged to someone with boy/girl twins back in the 70’s. Thank you whoever you are, they’ve gone to the perfect home! everly in vintage christmas red velvet dresseverly in vintage christmas red velvet dresschristmas boy girl twins toddler photo shoot^And the award for the cheesiest Christmas set up goes to….ME! I was just playing around with things and wanted to try a couple shots. I had planned to change things around and redo them, especially since those red ornaments make a tree but the top one kept getting cropped out. But time passed, we all got sick, now it’s January and I’ve lost my motivation. However, I’m never one to settle or give up, so I’ll probably be that weird mom still dressing my kids in Holiday clothes and making them do Christmas photos on Valentines day 🙂

This is how they felt about it-christmas boy girl twins toddler photo shootikea stuffed carrot - porkchop the carrot in baby gap bear slippersAnd if you’re still with me, this is Porkchop the carrot signing off! (the result of late night goofing around when our kids wouldn’t sleep)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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