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Wrights Park

Wrights ParkWrights ParkWrights Park^I love this photo, it shows show much of each of their personalities. Justin casually holding my purse, as he often does, while helping the kids; Stormy roaming around, always looking for adventure; and Everly, tired but still her tough and determined self, she hurt her knee recently and hasn’t been able to walk, yet she’s still trying to ride a tricycle!Wrights ParkWrights ParkWrights ParkWrights ParkWrights Park^I guess boys will throw pretty much whatever is on the ground next to a body of water…and all this time I thought it was just rocks.Wrights ParkWrights ParkWrights ParkWrights ParkWrights ParkWrights ParkWrights ParkWrights ParkWe went to Wrights Park the other day to take some photos of Ev’s on this adorable little old tricycle my grandma had at her house. She was so tired and sore with her hurt leg, but such a trooper! She was crying a lot at first but cheered up really quick once she realized she could ride the tricycle around. Stormy was game as usual, throwing dirt and climbing on everything he possibly could. And of course, we had to get some of him on the tricycle as well, but he wasn’t as interested so there’s only a couple. I always feel like I have to be fair and make sure I post even photos, like one day they’ll grow up and count and suddenly say “heeeey, why does she have 4 and I only have 3?”…maybe not, but just in case 🙂

{Vest –Gap (old, similar) // Turtleneck -Vintage // Jeans -Roxy (old, similar) // Shoes -Asics // Stormy: All Target // Everly: Dress –Sad Rosetta // Shoes –Gymboree}

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Fall Tricycle Photoshoot


Fall Tricycle PhotoshootFall Tricycle PhotoshootFall Tricycle PhotoshootFall Tricycle PhotoshootFall Tricycle PhotoshootFall Tricycle PhotoshootFall Tricycle PhotoshootFall Tricycle PhotoshootI saw this absolutely darling vintage dress on Etsy a few months ago and just knew I had to get it for Fall photos! The minute I saw it ideas started building in my head. I had the hardest time getting her to keep that adorable matching hat on though!! It was a seriously crushing mommy moment for me. That last pic shows just how she felt about it, some days she loves them and some days it’s just not happening. Anyone have any good tricks for getting kids to wear hats? I would love to hear them! 🙂

{ Dress -Vintage from Sad Rosetta // Shoes –Gymboree // Tricycle –Morgan Cycle }

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